How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


Starting Point

Types of Election

Electoral Areas

Polling Districts


Electoral Register


Registering as a Candidate




Local Press

Press Release

Public Meetings

Online Campaigning

Eve of Election

Knock-Up Areas

Election Day

Number Tellers


The Count

Post Election Party

Post Election

Election Expenses


About The Author


Campaign Team

The most important thing to know about an election campaign is that they are rarely conducted successfully by one person. Successful campaigns are team events and there are key roles that they all need. This list here is not intended to be exhaustive, other roles can exist and be performed if you have people with particular skills which can help you.

The Agent

This is the Candidate's key aid. The Agent is legally reponsible for the conduct of the campaign so while the candidate is 'public face' of the campaign the main driving force for actually getting things done is the Agent. If you are totally independent you can be your own Agent but if there is someone who is willing and able to take on this role you would be advised to accept them.

The Agent makes all the key campaign decisions in partnership with the candidate and plans campaign activities and is in effect the senior member fo the team.

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