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How to Win Elections


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Frequent Asked Questions

This site launched on the web on 7th May 2009 so while I'd love to say that I've had hundreds or even thousands of enquiries I'm actually only going to list here the questions people genuinely ask me through emails.

If you have a question you can contact me on If you don't want your question published just tell me, if you want your details anonymised just tell me.

Here are some question I've been asked.

1. Are you allowed to deliver election leaflets on election days?

Yes, and it's a good idea to do so to remind your supporters that they are expected to vote that day.

2. Can you put election leaflets in public houses?

Only if you have the landlord's permission.

3. Can we canvass on Election Day as the Returing Officer says we can't?

There is no legal impediments to canvassing on Election Day. You can canvass and conduct other campaign activities such as 'Knocking-Up'. The one restriction on Election Day is that you cannot campaign within a reasonable distance of the Polling Station, and the definition of 'reasonable' is whatever the Returning Officer says it is.

Some people like to drive round the area with a megaphone calling on voters to going to the polls. If the Returning Officer defines 'reasonable' as being 'within earshot' it would be prudent to be silent as you go past the polling station, or if you can avoid it altogether. Other definitions of 'reasonable' I've seen used are 'within sight' and with a set distance. It is uisually determined by the location of the Polling Station. If you are planning any activities on Election Day speak to the Returning Officer and find out what he or she will allow and stick by their guidelines. If you overstep the mark your opponents will complain and dealing with the complaints will mess up your Election Day.

The reason for preventing campaign activities near polling stations is to ensure that parties cannot intimidate voters by having a large number of activists around the polling station. That is why parties are allowed one Number Teller at a time at the polling Station and no more.